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 Mustard Briquettes  Mustard Briquettes

Shubhshree Bricks

Mustard Briquettes Manufacturers in Jaipur

Shubhshree Bricks Pvt is a growing Briquetts manufacturers in Jaipur, Our company firmly believes that success lies in collaboration and the understanding that we have with our clients. We partner with like-minded organizations that are inclined to eco-practices like ours and want to contribute to the environment, government agencies, and local communities to promote circular economy practices and sustainable waste management solutions. Through workshops, educational programs, and outreach initiatives, we try to raise awareness as much as possible being the most thoughtful manufacturers and suppliers about the potential of waste-to-energy conversion and inspire others to join the green revolution.

As the most exceptional Sawdust Briquettes manufacturer in Jaipur, Unlike other businesses we are not just focused on profits of sales but also the network that we make for our future operations. While our success as a business, our vision extends beyond mere profits. With a disciplined approach as the best manufacturing and supplying department for organic fuel, we invest a portion of our earnings in environmental conservation, reforestation projects, and initiatives aimed at building resilient communities. Having a range of products such as sawdust briquettes, sawdust pellet, 6mm pellet, pellet burner, non-torrefied pellets, biomass briquettes we believe that our journey towards a greener tomorrow is intertwined with our responsibility to protect the planet and create a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

As the most trusted Sawdust Pellet suppliers and exporters in India, The manufacturing process that we perform in order to manufacture our pellets and briquettes is to ensure that these are uniform in size and density, allowing for a steady and prolonged burn. This translates into reduced refuelling requirements, increased efficiency, and more extended periods of uninterrupted comfort and warmth for homes and businesses alike.

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We focus on manufacturing our briquette range

Sawdust Briquettes Manufacturer In Jaipur

Shubhshree Bricks

Sawdust Briquettes manufacturer in Jaipur

Hence it is not easy to divert waste materials from landfills and utilise them as energy sources, but we as the most extraordinary nature-caring company make it possible through extreme determination and efforts and hence we significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the help of our natural ready-to-burn fuel options.

Our research and development teams work without any delay or leniency in order to explore new waste-to-energy technologies

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Sawdust Pellet suppliers and exporters in India

We as a responsible manufacturer and supplier collect and buy the waste materials from the farmers
Biomass briquettes are non-conventional source of energy
It does not require adding any binder/chemicals, so, it 100% nature.
Easily stored in less space, without pollution.
Compared with fire wood or loose biomass, briquettes give much higher boiler efficiency,
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Sawdust Pellet Suppliers And Exporters In India

Our Director

Our Experienced Company Directors

Mr. Vaibhav Dattani

Progress for me has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. It is with this belief that We started Shubhshree Bricks Pvt. Ltd. in 2014, a company that was in the business of Biomass manufacturer. Almost instantly, Shubhshree Bricks Pvt. Ltd. became a prominent name in its business segment, but like every entrepreneur sticks to their dream, I always wanted to push my company to more prosperous milestones. I always perceived my company as a unit that could make a difference with its quality and competitively priced products. Taking a path less traveled, I expanded Shubhshree Bricks into Biomass Manufacturer, a highly sensitive business that requires a high amount of technical know-how, expertise and specialized knowledge.

Overcoming challenge after challenge with the support of my brilliant team, I have been successful in bringing Shubhshree Bricks to a new milestone.

The journey of Shubhshree Bricks is never ending. But with the support of my team and clients, I am confident that the company will continue to scale milestones of excellence for years to come.

Mr. Sagar Agarwal

Thank you for spending time on our website. As you learn about our company, I hope you will gain a sense of the commitment we have to our customers and the standards of manufacturing and supply to which we adhere.

Shubhshree Bricks Pvt. Ltd is founded on honesty, mutual respect and commitment We continually re-invest in our facilities and our valued employees. Continuous improvement and innovation is second nature to our operation and is embraced by all. We have an experienced, engaged team with strong leadership that is continuously striving to produce the highest quality material and solutions for our customers.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us at Shubhshree Bricks Pvt. Ltd. Our ability to provide old fashioned principles with modern day thinking and technology enables us to be flexible and quickly adapt to our customers’ changing requirements.

I encourage you to contact us.

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Biomass Wood Pellets
Biomass Wood Pellets

We are not just a company that manufactures different kinds of biomass wood pellets.

Bio Briquettes
Bio Briquettes

One significant advantage is their role in reducing deforestation and curbing carbon emissions.

Bio Coal Briquettes
Bio Coal Briquettes

The finite natural resources utilized to fuel modern society are depleting as demand grows.


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