Company Profile

Shubhshree Pvt Ltd is the leading briquette manufacturer and supplier. Hence it is not easy to divert waste materials from landfills and utilise them as energy sources, but we as the most extraordinary nature-caring company make it possible through extreme determination and efforts and hence we significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the help of our natural ready-to-burn fuel options. Our s are tested to give a low carbon footprint, making them an integral part of the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we as trending manufacturers do. Our research and development teams work without any delay or leniency in order to explore new waste-to-energy technologies, The heat enhances the efficiency and performance of our s significantly and hence makes it possible to use the waste s to good use. We continuously invest in cutting-edge machinery and testing equipment, to make sure that all our manufactured pellets and briquettes consistently meet the highest quality standards. We have a range of s such as sawdust briquettes, sawdust pellet, 6mm pellets, pellet burners, non-torrefied pellets, and biomass briquettes.

Compromise is something that we don't take an option when manufacturing our advanced fuel alternatives and hence we are trusted by many households may it be rural or urban. We as a responsible manufacturer and supplier collect and buy the waste materials from the farmers that are nevertheless gonna dump it in waste or compost and hence we build out something for their usage only in a better form of fuel via sawdust briquettes, sawdust pellet, 6mm pellet, pellet burner, non-torrefied pellets, and biomass briquettes..